The short answer is NO. We are not affiliated with H&S Performance in any way other than being fans of the product they produced. We are an independent business dedicated to providing an unlocking service no longer being provided by H&S Performance.

The longer answer:

H&S Performance, the manufacturer of XRT Pro and Mini Maxx Diesel tuner units, went out of business after being heavily fined by the US Environmental Protection Agency. The primary reason was for selling hardware and software that allowed trucks to run without horsepower-robbing emissions equipment (Diesel Particulate Filter or DPF deletes). 

As H&S was one of the market leaders at the time, the penalties were harsh to serve as an example to the entire diesel tuning community. Other companies have since been fined for similar reasons. Additionally, as part of the Consent Agreement, H&S Performance was mandated to cease all sales and technical support of their tuner products.

Yet, H&S tuners still being sold today in many reputable shops even though the company is out of business. This puts customers in a bind... purchase a quality tuner with the tech support provided by the shop that sold it, or get internet advice from a grassroots community of tuner experts.

So, while can't provide support for all of the technical issues that can arise from tuning your diesel truck (let's face it, it's a complicate subject), what we can do is provide a reliable and trusted unlocking service such that you can get the full functionality out of your H&S tuner (at a fraction of the price H&S Performance actually charged!).