Note: The following article is a best-effort reference for our customers and is provided "as-is" without any express or implied warranty. does not provide detailed troubleshooting as these are potentially complex tuner problems, not unlocking ones. Please proceed at your own risk.

This article is most applicable for Ford Power Stroke vehicles, but can be adapted for other vehicles types as well. It does assume you have an up-to-date SD card containing files for all vehicles.

H&S Tuners are programmed to recognize stock ECM calibrations for all vehicles supported by the unit. For most manufacturers, this amounts to only a few standard default tunes, each of which have a corresponding file stored on the tuner's SD card. The name of the file on the card is a reference to the calibration "family".

In contrast, Ford 6.7 Power Strokes have over 400 "stock" calibrations and, following the same rule, each needs a unique file on the SD card. A 2GB SD card is not big enough for all of these default calibrations (they are actually copies of the same file anyway), so it is a very common scenario for the exact calibration file to be missing. When this happens, the tuner will display an "Unrecognized part number" message with a reference to the file it is expecting.

Fortunately, in most cases, there is a relatively easy fix!

1) Write down the exact name of the file the tuner is asking for. As a reference, the following codes correspond to the "families" of files you are likely to encounter:

BC20xxx = 2011 ECM

BC33xxx = 2011 TCM

CC20xxx = 2012 ECM

CC33xxx = 2012 TCM

DC20xxx = 2013 ECM

DC33xxx = 2013 TCM

EC20xxx = 2014 ECM

EC20xxx = 2014 TCM

2) Remove the SD card from the tuner and attach it to a computer (you will require an SD card reader).

3) Navigate to the correct folder for your vehicle (FORD67 for 2011-12 Power Strokes, FORD13 for 2013-14 Power Strokes). If these folders are blank, then you will require an updated SD card. If you do not have one available, you may be interested in our backup archive:

4) Find the file that best matches the file the tuner is asking for. The first 4 letters are the most important.

5) Copy and paste the closest matching file into the same directory. Rename the file to match the exact name of the file the tuner was asking for.

6) Put the SD card back into the tuner and continue the install again. In some cases, an additional file may be required to program the TCM. Simply, repeat the procedure again (it will be a different file name this time).

There is a YouTube video that shows this procedure as well: