H&S Tuners store all tune and firmware data on an SD Card. While uncommon, these SD cards can become corrupted potentially jeopardizing the operation of the tuner. This procedure illustrates how to make a backup of your SD card using macOS.

  1. On your system dock, right-click on the Finder Icon. 
  2. Select New Finder Window from the list.
  3. Click on the Desktop item in the left-navigation bar.
  4. Left-Click on the gear icon and select New Folder. Name this folder backup (or any other name of your choosing).
  5. Remove the SD Card from your tuner and insert it into an SD Card reader attached to your computer. Your system should recognize the drive and it will show up in the Locations section of your Finder window.
  6. Left-Click on the SD Card, which will likely be named according to your tuner type.
  7. Press Command-A to select all files on the drive.
  8. Right-click and select Copy xxx Items.
  9. In the same Finder window, left-click on Desktop and then double-click on the folder you just created (ie backup).
  10. Left-Click on the gear icon and select Paste xxx Items.
  11. After all of the files have been copied, left-click on the Desktop icon. Right-click on the backup folder and select Compress "Backup".
  12. Once this process has completed, you can delete the backup folder to free up hard drive space.
  13. To remove the SD Card from the computer, right-click the item in the left navigation menu of the Finder window and select Eject "XXX".
  14. You now have a backup of all the files on your SD card. This will come in handy if your card becomes corrupted and you need to replace it.