The unlocking services provided by HSUnlockCodes is automated and provides a very convenient way to move an H&S Tuner to a new vehicle without having to wait. However, there are still some common oversights and mistakes that can occur when going through the process. If this happens, please open a new support ticket or email and we will do everything we can to get you sorted. 

Here are the most common scenarios:

1) Typos

An obvious mistake, but so easy to make!

2) Wrong Vehicle Type

You chose the vehicle you are trying to install the tuner on (new) instead of the vehicle it came off of (old). For example, if you removed the tuner from your old Ford to use on your new Dodge, then you need to ensure you select "Ford" from the order options when you go through the process (not Dodge).

3) Exited out of the Root Code Menu

You generated a root code (Menu --> Hold button until beep) but then exited out of that menu before getting the unlock code. Each time you enter that menu, you get a different root code and any unlock code you got would now be invalid.

4) Tuner Didn't Reset

You entered the correct unlock code, but the unit didn't reset or you didn't chose the "clean unit" option that is sometimes presented. This is required to make the unlock process "take". If the unit reboots without unlocking or you exit out of the root code menu (see above), then the unlock will not work any more.

5) Tuner Isn't Supported (XRT and Mini Maxx V2)

Our system software supports VIN unlocking for H&S Performance Mini Maxx, XRT Pro, and Black Maxx devices. Older devices such as the original XRT Xtreme Race Tuner are not supported. Additionally, the Mini Maxx V2 - which is an H&S Mini Maxx knock-off - is NOT able to be unlocked.

6)The Tuner is Already Unlocked!

In the Menu --> Show Settings screen, if the Tune Status says "Not Installed", then the tuner is already unlocked. However, what can be confusing is the VIN# and Application values will still show the previous vehicle. This is normal and will update once you go through the Install Download procedure on the new vehicle.

Again, if you think any of these scenarios applies to you, please don't hesitate to contact our support!